Gav Systems Group

Gav Systems is a leading company specializing in providing outsourced business solutions to Hi – Tech companies. The company, having started in 1988, is managed by a professional team with long business experience.
Since its inception back engaged in providing systems and software development services outsourcing, and currently employs over 800 experts in various fields. The company offers solutions tailored to the needs of the customer, based on superior human capital, experience and rich knowledge in the IT.
Gav Systems is listed as one of the 10 largest companies in the IT sector.

Company structure:

Vital Information :

Number of Employees: 800
Facility: Tirat-Carmel ,Haifa and Tel Aviv
Customers: 200 plus


Main Activities and specialties:

Infrastructure and Database
Software development projects and Analysis
QA Tests
ERP Systems
Call Center

Among our customers:

Gav Systems North

The company has about 150 consultants at high-tech companies, industry and public institutions.
Gav Systems North professional Recruiting service specifically adapted for the organization requirements that meet the criteria such as: Understanding the organization's existing information systems, experience and training are required.
The company provides consulting and outsourcing services and operates over twenty years developing, testing software and hardware and infrastructure hardware and software. Specializes in placing dedicated consultants, experts in software testing and development in all environments ( hardware and infrastructure). The company is engaged in maintaining the organization's information systems exclusively, while taking full responsibility for all maintenance and development activities, management systems and infrastructure of organizations, while providing comprehensive warranty.
We provide: QA specialists, infrastructure specialists MS, System and Website Maintenance, senior project managers, systems analysts, architects in SAP, RACLE APP, JAVA, MS, NET, Communication experts, Oracle DBA, DRP, experts upgrade and migration and Help-Desk .


Gav Systems Center

Lead integration, consulting and placement services, specializing in providing software services and infrastructure.
Activity has about 400 consultants with experience in a wide range of technologies, and is considered one of the leading companies on consulting.
This activity was established following the activities of a group of consultants of the Company NESS TECHNOLOGIES ltd which was defined in early 2008 as an independent unit as part of the Gav Systems Group.
Today Gav Systems Center works in strategic partnership with Ness Technologies.
Gav Systems Center provides a wide range of end to end services to the organization: project management, development, infrastructure, information security, communications, etc ...
Gav Systems Center clients include a variety of organizations in areas such as: Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, High Tech, telephony, Government sector, local authorities and others. We are widely skilled and well known at first-class technologies and we provide: Programmers, Team leaders, Systems analysts, Project managers, Architects, Integrators, Support staff and Computer technicians, System people, Experts in communications and Information security.


Gav Systems Call Center

"Gav Call Center" specializes in providing Call Center solutions.
We provide a variety of solutions in establishing and operating:
• Customer service
• Sales
• Telemarketing
• Coordinating meetings
• Customer retention
• Technical support
• IT Help Desk
• Consulting and methodologies implementation
• Surveys and quality control/Assurance

• Our project management methods are based on existing, experienced, professionally trained centers which use advanced technologies, and staffed with skillful professional staffs.

Gav Call Center's support and service centers are managed based on the collective previous experience of activity and expertise these past 15 years.
"Gav Call Center" support and service centers are among the largest and most experienced in providing service to multiple users. We operate with an emphasis on individually tailored protocols and a personal relationship with customers, all in the hope of creating a positive service experience.
"Gav Call Center", who became an independent company when purchased in 2011 by "Gav Systems", has been operating support and service centers - Outsource / Insource - for over a decade.


Contact us :

Gav Systems Center
Kiryat Atidim POB 58180, Tel Aviv 61581
Telephone: 972 - 3-7670466
Fax : 972-3-7670454
Mail : [email protected]

Gav Systems North
2 Hsyozma st. Tirat Carmel 39032
Telephone: 972-1-700-50-50-51
Fax : 972-1-700-50-50-52
Mail : [email protected]

Gav Systems Call Center
Omega Center , Matam Haifa 31905
Telephone: 972-1-700-50-50-51
Fax : 972-3-5201984
Mail : [email protected]








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